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Rosehill Palms Landscaping

Pindo Palm

Category: Palm Trees

Striking in appearance, the pindo's feather-leaf, silver-colored fronds (some call it more of a blue-green) create an outstanding contrast to a typical yard's greenery.


These are some of the hardiest palms in South Florida, laughing at cold, blazing sun, salt air and dry conditions.

A native plant sometimes called "Jelly Palm," the pindo produces edible berries that can be made into jelly with a sweet banana/pineapple flavor.


The look of the this palm is unique yet versatile. It can fit in small yards, especially pretty with a modest beach house, an old-fashioned Florida bungalow, or dressing up the yard of a ranch-style home. And pindo palms work for large woodland estates, horse ranches or waterfront homes as a bright spot in the landscape.

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