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Rosehill Palms Landscaping

Canary Date

Category: Palm Trees

The palm's huge crown of stiff leaves over a thick trunk is best suited for more formal and spacious landscapes.

This palm sets off a larger, elegant home - especially nice accenting one with Mediterranean-style architecture.


People often call this palm tree "Pineapple Palm"  while the palm is young.  Ferns often germinate in the "pineapple" part as the trunk forms, adding to the ornamental look.


Plant specs

This is a slow grower to 40 feet. Give it plenty of room since the wide-spreading fronds stay low to the ground for many years as the trunk slowly forms.

n spite of its tropical look, a Canary Island date is one of the best cold hardy palms - fine anywhere in Zone 9 and southward.

This palm is moderately salt-tolerant and needs a full sun location. It produces ornamental fruits resembling dates in spring and early summer (they're edible but not very tasty).

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