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Mediterrean Fan Palm

Category: Palm Trees

The Mediterranean fan palm is one of the toughest and most durable palms in cultivation. It tolerates temperatures below 10°F and heat above 115°F. It grows throughout the Inland Empire where it commonly develops numerous trunks of varying heights from its base. Some trunks can grow 15-20 ft. tall. Leaves are pale green, 2-3 ft. across and cut in the shape of a fan. Leaf bases are covered with many sharply pointed spines that can be hazardous when pruning fronds. Golden-yellow flowers grow on tight panicles 8-12 in. long, but are mostly hidden by the foliage. Colorful orange fruit mature in summer at the base of the foliage.


Mediterranean fan palm is ideal as a natural specimen type plant for use in raised planters, large containers and in courtyards. It is a signature plant for Mediterranean style gardens in combination with olives, lavender and rosemary. It is capable of absorbing and retaining moisture within its fibrous tissue which it uses to withstand extended periods of heat and drought. Periodic summer watering easily sustains this species.

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